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To connect (guide) to our server, you will need to enter the following address into the minecraft connection menu:
IP Address:


After some complications, the map is finally rendering. Minimum amount of time could be atleast 8 hours. Maximum is unknown. However, I still have to go through and do somethings with plugins and erasing data that was in the previous map.

Mods: As said before, DO NOT ENTER THE WORLD. I will find out if you do. If I do find out, you will be subject to immediate demotion.

So once this map renders, it will be shutdown for a 5th time so I can go through plugins, update them, delete old data, and check with the thing about stargates. For nether, if you do happen to get back on the server via console, anything shows something about an error is not an error. I just haven't had time (or didn't remember) to go through those files yet, but I will!

This is it for now! Welcome to MaxGamer 2.0!

See yall in-game!

Announced by Spartacus at 22nd Sep 3:23PM

Download link and Server Progress update

For you guys that wanted the download link to our current map, here is the download link: ... NVCTa?dl=0

Also, I am here to provide a Server Progress update. Plugins are being downloaded/backed up. Afterwards or later on this evening, I will begin the actual process. Shouldn't be long then the plugins and server version will be updated. The least amount of time this could take ABOUT 8 hours. Maximum is unknown. Hopefu;;y this works out great.

See yall in-game!

Announced by Spartacus at 21st Sep 12:44PM


As of 11:30pm EST, I have started the process of resetting the server. It will be down for a few days as I am making back-ups of everything, which can take a loooooong while. So, I plan on starting a small server so you can join and communicate through there. Details about this Pre-Maxgamer server will be told soon enough. Plugins and everything won't be included until I am able to see if I am able to update them. Other than the actual server itself. I need more suggestions repeated or not. They can commented below or PMed to me.

Now, about the pre-Maxgamer server, mods ONLY will be given OP. Everyone else can do whatever they want. If you want to, that certain server can be turned into creative building server. Mods can give you creative mode as long as you will only build. Can't think of anything else for it.

Anything you guys want to suggest/say about this idea, please feel free to comment.

Welcome to the New Age of Maxgamer!

See yall in-game!

Announced by Spartacus at 20th Sep 11:25PM

Almost ready!

Hi guys! Spart here with some awesome news.

It will be Friday or Saturday before I start work on my the server. If I am able to get it Wi-Fi enabled, It will be a lot easier. But, I am reopening suggestions to improve the server.

First thing first, FULL RESET. The overworld will be the first world reset. Afterwards, the battleground server will be whitelisted. Only mods will be able to get on, but a few things will change here and there on it. I do plan on seeing if I can get another tower to make dedicated so I can host it myself. Until then, we will use our current host.

Next, VOID: Should it disappear? or should it stay? My option is allowing it to stay seeing as it decreases lag in the overworld. Also, A temporary spawn will be built in the overworld until I can start on my current spawn plan. All help will be needed if possible.

Third, I will most likely take another look at staff members. Once everything is set, I can get a friend to advertise our server so we can get more players to join. More players = More staff members.

Finally, The server will be updated to the latest version of Minecraft. It will be on lockdown until I am able to get the temporary spawn built. Player markets will be brought back. Admin markets will not be brought until I am able to figure out what will be sold and what will not be sold.

With nothing else on my mind at this moment, feel free to suggest/comment on your opinion about this idea! Welcome to MaxGamer 2.0!

See yall in-game!

Announced by Spartacus at 17th Sep 10:01PM

The Future of MaxGamer

Hi guys,

It has been a long time since this server has been maintained or been active with players, mostly due to my own inactivities. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to spend maintaining the server at this stage in my life, with a whopping 70-80 hours a week workload between my Software Engineering degree and job.

With my own inactivity, it means that the server is more unstable and worse for wear, decimating our consistent player-base. The server is not making money, and I feel guilty for anyone who does supply the server with donations for a cause I can't support myself anymore.

As a result of these factors, I'm here announcing that I do not plan on any maintenance on the MaxGamer server in the near future (The nearest development cycle I could do would be at least two months in the future, or six months after that).

I am not planning on shutting down the server unless my personal budget becomes too tight. I do not expect any form of help to pay for the server, and am heavily considering removing the option for automated donation packages in the future.

There may be increased downtime for the server as I'm unable to respond quickly enough, and there would be a (near) total reset if I return to restart the community. I know a number of players have made good friends here and enjoyed playing on our server, and we thank our most loyal of players.

Perhaps if I have the time and ability to begin restoring the server to its once favoured state, I will send an email to the most recent and most active players (Who supplied us with a valid address, in the forum control panel or when registering) to gather together our once great community.

Long live MaxGamer.

We had a good run, and I hope to see you all in the future some day;

Announced by Netherfoam at 15th May 11:58PM

Regarding 1.8 Username Changes

Hi guys,

When 1.8 is released, players usernames will be changeable - Users can go to and modify their official account username. This will cause many disruptions to the way most servers work, as currently your username links you to your shops, claims, bans, stats and (much) more.

As we're using a custom authentication system (Since we are an offline server) there won't be a huge issue with username stealing. However, anyone that changes their name will clearly lose all their progress, similar to simply registering a new account at MaxGamer.

Currently, we're not planning on cooperating with's tedious (And stupid) move. Anyone who changes their name will be treated the same way as users who use a cracked client to change their username (Which is allowed, unless evading a ban of sorts).

Any users who change their username and have Donor & VIP packages will not have their ranks after changing their name.


Announced by Netherfoam at 11th Apr 10:48PM


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