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To connect (guide) to our server, you will need to enter the following address into the minecraft connection menu:
IP Address:

The rules

Note to everyone, including the staff members.

The rules apply to everyone, and I'm sure everyone agrees. If you think that staff members are above the rules, think again. I can make you a normal user/Donor/VIP just as fast as you became mod.

Note to everyone else: PLEASE PM ONE OF THE ADMINS (Spartacus, JQKAnderi, Amaterazu) IF YOU BELIEVE SOMEONE IS USING AN AFK MACHINE FOR THE PURPOSE OF FARMING ITEMS OF ANY SORT. It will be taking into consideration as soon as we see it.

This is my last and final warning to everyone. The required punishment will go into effect as of now. THIS DOES APPLY TO EVERYONE, EVEN THE ADMINS.

Have a good day and see yall in game!

Announced by Spartacus at 13th Nov 5:50PM


Hi guys,

Just thought I'd announce that I've promoted JQKAndrei to Admin. This is partially an announcement so that Spartacus doesn't have a heart attack.

Congratulations, JQK.


Announced by Netherfoam at 11th Nov 6:45AM

New player market

To access, go to the portal in the southeast corner of the spawn. A warp will come, but please use this as a temporary access.

Announced by Rico_burhenne at 31st Oct 4:16PM

Acrobatic fence-farms are not allowed

Due to the insane efficiency of this acro grinder, it is not allowed anymore.
Whoever has those farms has to take them off, further grinding will result in a punishment for glitch abuse, skill reset and money fee.

We will not accept any complaints about "it's unfair" or any of this, getting a skill from 0 to 1000 in a single day, that's unfair.

Edit: we're still thinking if to remove or keep the money generated with the bug, expect updates

Announced by Jqkandrei at 23rd Oct 12:46AM

Player market introduced!

To acces the player market, use /warp playermarket.

Want your own spot? Contact a moderator ingame!

Announced by Rico_burhenne at 20th Oct 3:20PM

Afk Machines are now against the rules.

Due too the amount of corruption afk farming throught afk machines have caused in the past, the staff has decided on making them against the rules. All types of farms, this includes water, rails, and portals. This not only improves the economy, but helps stop people from becoming too OverPowered.

You have one warning, if the staff catches you a second time there is a ban implemented.

Announced by Nikszabo at 7th Oct 7:42PM


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